Exclusive 2021 Campaign

5th January 2021

Looking forward to 2021 – with your help! One of the biggest challenges for us at Barnsley Museums and Heritage Trust has been the fact that our wonderful venues have had to close their doors. We have missed every single visitor and we cannot wait to welcome you all back soon.

As with every year, a New Year brings new beginnings, 2021 not being any different. We look forward on this year with great hope and positivity, that is why here at BMHT we have created a campaign to welcome new beginnings for 2021 – where we aim to raise £2,021 with a little help from you – our friends.

When people visit our sites, we are overwhelmed by the generosity and the donations that people give. Even £1 posted into our donations boxes makes a big difference and unfortunately, we haven’t been able to collect spare change from our kind visitors.

Every £1 donated helps us to maintain, grow and keep our heritage alive and we thought, why not combine this with a special thank you…  As a thank you we have been looking though our store cupboards and some real unique gems that we will send to you as ‘thank you gift’ for the donations we receive. Many of these items are limited due to their unique nature:

Thank you

Every single person that donates will receive a digital personalised ‘Thank You Certificate’ from BMHT.

£15 Barnsley Magnet

Enjoy a reminder of beautiful Barnsley. For a donation of £15 we will send you a smart little Barnsley Magnet to add to your collection.

£20 Limited Edition Tea Towel

As a thank you for a donation of we will send you a limited-edition Barnsley Tea Towel to help you remember this place of beauty.

£40 Bag For Life

Who doesn’t need a bag for life! We will send you a beautiful cotton Tote Bag, we only have a few of these to send out so this offer is limited to the first 40 people.

£150 Make New Memories

Enjoy the Discovery Area for the whole family – an experience that money can’t buy.

We will offer you exclusive access to the newly designed discovery play area before it is opened to the public in March 2021. You will be free to explore and play in your very own bubble – or great as a family gift to make new memories together. There is a story telling area, den building, gargoyle bridge, music area, willow tunnel, stepping logs and a Saxon hut and mud kitchen. This area isn’t open to the public until March, but you and your family could get exclusive use of this area for a whole morning to share an experience of making fun memories without the public getting in your way, you can even use the deer shelter for a picnic, tables and chairs provided, suitable for up to 6 people.

To arrange details for your visit please email us

£200 Get Up Close With Our 200 Year Old Vine – Followed by a Cream Tea

Highlighting Horticulture. Help us to take care of our famous 200-year vine.

For the horticulturally minded – Cannon Hall vine is celebrating its 200th birthday, and as a special treat, you and a friend could come and learn how to prune our vine and pot up a cutting to take home in a 2-hour session. The session will be led by our gardener in the warmth of the Victorian glasshouse followed by a cream tea in the butler’s pantry, that is not open to the general public.

To arrange details for your visit please email us

£250 Discover Georgian Treasures

Take a walk back in time into areas that are unexplored – who knows who or what you may encounter.

For donations in excess of £250 we will offer a private tour of the museum’s collections and buildings that are not open to the public showing the different phases of Cannon Halls’ rich architectural history.

We will show you what lies behind blocked up windows and doors and hidden staircases and you can immerse yourself for 2 hours exploring all the rooms, passageways and dark corners not open to the public. We will also give you private access into the cellars that hold so many stories since they were built in the 1690’s when the hall was rebuilt.

To arrange details for your visit please email us

Please support us if you can by clicking on the Online Charitable Giving link and entering your amount, we will then be in touch to share our gift with you. We thank you so much for all of your support.

We will soon be rolling this campaign out at all our venues, Worsbrough Mill, Experience Barnsley, Cooper Gallery and Elsecar Heritage Centre, so keep your eyes peeled.

Exclusive 2021 Campaign