How your support will help

Why do we need your support?

Barnsley Museums & Heritage Trust exists to make sure that Experience Barnsley, Cannon Hall Museum Park & Gardens, Worsbrough Mill and Country Park, The Cooper Gallery, and Elsecar Heritage Centre continue to be a source of learning, curiosity, inspiration and enjoyment for all, both now and in the future.

What difference do members make?

Gift income from our members, together with donations from individuals and grant-making trusts and foundations, supports a wide range of activity such as:

• Inspiring the next generation through heritage by enabling visits from schools in the region and providing educational activities at each venue.
• Ensuring access to heritage from an early age by providing free workshops and activities for families and young children.
• Preserving our heritage by caring for and conserving fragile archives and collections, and sharing heritage with the whole community through outreach work to disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.

Giving a gift 

Gifts of all sizes make an essential contribution to our work. The following list provides examples of how every donation is put to work for the benefit of Barnsley.

• £25 supports a family education session for under-5s or a morning of den building for families at Cannon Hall.
• £40 makes possible the digitisation of a 19th-century electoral register, preserving it for the future and allowing it to be easily shared with the public.
• £200 provides a specially made case to protect a Victorian logbook once used in a local school.
• £500 delivers a programme of 10 knit-and-reminiscence sessions at Experience Barnsley, allowing people suffering from dementia to socialise and share memories.
• £1000 offers a full day’s visit to one of the five sites for a class of local primary schoolchildren, led by an artist or expert and covering transport costs.