Worsbrough Workshop

14th June 2022

New Schools workshops launch at Worsbrough Mill and Country Park

Barnsley Museums Learning team have been piloting three new half day workshops for Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 at Worsbrough Mill to be launched after half term. The workshops focus on local history, field to fork and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Pupils learn about the history of the Mill, how it works, and the journey of flour from the field to the plate. Each workshop involves a tour of the Mill and hands on activities in the learning hut at Worsbrough.

The Learning Team has also launched two new outdoor trails in the country park – on spoken storytelling and nature spotting with the intention being that schools could do a workshop, stay for lunch and then explore the self-led trail in the afternoon. This will give the children a full day experience which hits several different curriculum points. If the trail is successful, it could be made available to other visitors to the Country Park.The feedback already received from teachers has been very encouraging:

It was very educational and focused at the children’s age and understanding – included story, visual and tactile activities

(Mill Mouse workshop – EYFS/KS1)

Following the wheat trip from the field to the mill was really good. The pupils were engaged

(Field to flour workshop – Lower KS2)

Lots of activities linked to the mill experience – lots of vocab explained and recapped. It was nice to dress up

(Mill Apprentice workshop – Upper KS2)

Children were really engaged and talking all about what they could see’ – Storytelling trail, KS1/2’Inclusive for all children, easy access to learning for all

(Nature trail, KS1/2)
Worsbrough Workshop