The Life of Tutankhamun

10th November 2022

There is a fabulous programme of events running alongside the excellent exhibition currently showing in Experience Barnsley until 18th March 2023.

Join Barnsley-born Egyptologist Professor Joann Fletcher as she personally selects her favourite subjects featured in the exhibition, whils also supporting the work of the Trust.   

Inside Tut’s Wardrobe

19th January 2023 1pm – 4pm

A talk by Prof. Joann Fletcher with Afternoon Tea.

Here Jo examines the clothes, jewellery, cosmetics and regalia worn by Tutankhamun and his family, from gold-studded robes of state to faux-fur priestly robes and clothing made for the royal children. Jo will also highlight Tutankhamun’s extensive collections of footwear and underwear, while the royal family’s spectacular jewellery, distinctive hairstyles, lavish perfumes and iconic makeup are so timeless they still inspire modern couture.

To be held in the Reception Room at the Town Hall 

£40pp includes afternoon tea by the Old George and a £5 donation to Barnsley Museums and Heritage Trust.

Inside TUT’s Wardrobe – Experience Barnsley – Art Tickets

Tut’s Sporting Life: Sport and Games in Ancient Egypt 

23rd January 2023 1pm – 3pm

This talk looks at the wide range of sports and games enjoyed by Tutankhamun and his dynasty, from running and swimming to ball games and chariot racing. Jo will also look at the way such activities were undertaken for leisure, as military training and within religious rituals, from the running tracks built beside the pyramids to Egypt’s international sporting events held centuries before the Greek Olympic Games.

To be held in the Council Chamber in the Town Hall.

£15 includes £2 donation to Barnsley Museums and Heritage Trust.

Tut’s Sporting Life: Sports & Games in Ancient Egypt – Experience Barnsley – Art Tickets

An Audience with Prof. Joann Fletcher & Dr. Stephen Buckley

16th March 2023 6pm

Join Digital Journalist of the Year Graham Walker as he talks to Jo and Stephen about their long careers in Egyptology, their research studying the mummies of Tutankhamun’s dynasty, and how science – combined with the latest digital technology – has helped resurrect life in ancient Egypt.

Sadler Room, Cooper Gallery Barnsley Museums and Heritage Trust.

£15pp includes drink & £1:50 donation to Barnsley Museums and Heritage Trust

An Audience with Prof. Joann Fletcher & Dr. Stephen Buckley – The Cooper Gallery – Art Tickets

The Life of Tutankhamun