Teacher Training

14th June 2022

We now know more about the training of teachers in early 20th century Barnsley thanks to this find, spotted on an on-line auction by one of the volunteers for Barnsley Archives and Local Studies. Barnsley Museums and Heritage Trust were very happy to help with the purchase of this fascinating Pupil Teachers’ Centre Object lessons book. 

The Pupil Teachers’ Centre was situated on Beckett Street in Barnsley and trained teachers from school boards in Barnsley, Wombwell, Ardsley, Worsbrough, Darton and Mapplewell, Monk Bretton, Shafton and Thurlstone. 

The book was meticulously compiled by Mary Ellen (Nellie) Spencer of Barnsley whilst she was a pupil at the centre and, was accompanied by an Edwardian photograph of her. She went on to become a teacher and married George Jackson of Elsecar. She died in 1941.

The book and photograph are fabulous additions to our education collections and will undoubtedly be popular with researchers in the future.

Teacher Training