Light Lines Repairs

16th November 2023

It’s absolutely wonderful news that the Light Lines installation was reinstalled in Churchfields in time for this year’s remembrance weekend.

The stunning artwork which commemorates the 300 Barnsley men who lost their lives on the first day of the Battle of the Somme has been repaired and reinstalled in Churchfield Peace Gardens in time for Remembrance Sunday.

Designed by Musson & Retallick it features images of local soldiers who lost their lives in the battle, including many of the 13th/14th York and Lancaster Regiment – known as the Barnsley Pals.

Images of the men have been reproduced as digitally rendered laser-etched acrylic panels, which illuminate in low light using white led lights. The panels contain medals cast in plaster, made by children from Summer Lane Primary School reflecting the memories of those at home.

Unfortunately, in 2022 the artwork was damaged, resulting in it being removed while repairs to the panels were made. With help from public donations, including £1,300 from the Barnsley Football Club Supporters Trust and further donations in response to a campaign led by Barnsley Museums & Heritage Trust, the artwork has been restored and is now back on display.

The memorial is a particularly poignant one for our Trustee, Graham Walker, whose great-grandfather Fred and great-uncles Ernest and Charles are remembered there. Read more about their story here in Graham’s blog.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to allow this to happen.

Light Lines Repairs