Hogarth to Hitchens – Great British Artists in the Cannon Hall Collection

1st July 2021

Following our successful exhibition of paintings by Dutch artists, this exhibition brings together works by British artists from the collections at Cannon Hall Museum. Themes of portraiture and landscape pictures by local and national artists ranging from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries are on display.

The art of capturing a likeness is an ancient skill. William Hogarth is best remembered for his satirical paintings and prints but was also a well-respected portrait painter. His elegant Portrait of a Lady is a highlight of the exhibition. John Constable was also a skilled portrait painter and his painting of Mrs Tuder shows the sitter’s character as well as her wealth and status. 

Landscape painting as a distinct form of art developed in the eighteenth century and led many British artists to capture and celebrate the countryside. Artists such as David Roberts travelled extensively and painted the landscapes of North Africa and Europe with Rome being a popular destination. Modern representations of landscape have often included a bolder use of colour and form such as the innovative work of Ivon Hitchens. 

There are a number of works in the exhibition by local artists who established national reputations, such as Abel Hold, Joe Scarborough and new additions to the collection by Gertrude Crompton. You can explore more paintings by British artists in the displays, including Shipwreck off a Rocky Coast by George Morland, recently restored thanks to a grant from Idlewild Trust secured by Barnsley Museums and Heritage Trust. 

Exhibition runs until 7th November 2021.

Free Admission. Donations welcome. 

Hogarth to Hitchens – Great British Artists in the Cannon Hall Collection