Heritage Open Days September 9th to 18th

6th September 2022

The Heritage Open Days event sees many heritage sites throw open their doors to all to visit for free, often including areas that are not usually open to the public. There are some fabulous events across the Borough between 9th and 18th September, including:

Wentworth Castle Gardens

Wentworth Castle Gardens are unlocking some of the stories behind the site and looking behind closed doors at the Rotunda and Wentworth Castle, now Northern College. 

From early electricity in the Victorian conservatory to the creation of one of the first fire engines by local inventor Joseph Bramah, this has long been a place of pioneering ideas.

Find out more through tours, displays and activities around site, and through chatting to knowledgeable volunteers.

Elsecar Heritage Centre

Join the expert guides during the Heritage Open Day weekends for an exciting demonstration of The Earls Great Engine. We are also offering fascinating tours of Elsecar site to explore the history of the Colliery, Ironworks and industrial workshops.

The first practical steam engine was invented to pump water out of coal mines in 1712 by Thomas Newcomen, the engine at Elsecar stands proudly in its original location as one of the world’s most important monuments to the Industrial Revolution. Visitors will be able to see the New Colliery Fan House and get the special chance to glimpse down the colliery mine shaft, which isn’t normally open for the public to view.

There will be demonstrations on 11th and 18th September at 12pm and 1pm. Make sure you book your place for this exciting demonstration and tour by contacting the Visitor Centre on 01226 740203. The tours last for approximately 45 minutes.

You can also discover the stories and secrets of this remarkable Heritage Centre with a guided site tour running at 12pm and 2pm on 10th and 17th and 2pm on 11th and 18th September.

There are many other fantastic events at local heritage sights throughout the Borough, including Hemingfield Colliery, Hoylandswaine Nail Forge, Wombwell Cemetery and several local churches.

 For more information, visit the website.

Heritage Open Days September 9th to 18th