Elsecar Heritage Centre’s Historic Past

10th March 2020

There have been some remarkable new discoveries uncovered about Elsecar Heritage Centre!

Historic England have recently launched a new report on Elsecar, as part of the Elsecar Heritage Action Zone, a successful three-year partnership with Barnsley Museums. The report has been compiled by Historic England’s research team, with support from Barnsley Museums and Archives and some brilliant local researchers and volunteers.

The new research has established that Elsecar was built as part of the Wentworth Estate by the Earls Fitzwilliam. It was an international centre of coalmining and ironmaking and was designed to show off the Fitzwilliam’s industrial achievements to visitors, including Royals and Aristocrats

Historic England tell the story of Elsecar’s historic past in 10 images in their recent blog. Click here to read.

What ten images would you pick to tell the story of Elsecar? Share them with us on social media #ElsecarHistory.

Elsecar Heritage Centre’s Historic Past