Cooper Prize 2021

1st April 2021

The Cooper Prize 2021 is a competition that celebrates artists who were born, live or work in South Yorkshire, and this year attracted more than 380 entries.

The results of the competition were announced live on-line last month, and the winners were:

The Cooper Prize – Poseidon by Kieran Ingram

The Cooper Prize Winner- Kieran Ingram, Poseidon, oil on canvas

The Sadler Award – My Grandad by Georgina Oldknow

The Sadler Award- Georgina Oldknow, My Grandad, oil paint

The Fox Gift – Moonlight by Charlie Wilding

The Fox Gift Prize- Charlie Wilding, Moonlight, pencil

You can see a complete gallery of all the finalists at and in person at the Cooper Gallery once the gallery reopens its doors, following Government guidelines, on Monday, May 17th.

Cooper Prize 2021