Colour Detective Workshops At Wentworth Castle Gardens

9th February 2024

Join local artist Sarah Jane Palmer to discover the magical world of colour around you and create your own watercolour art.  Learn how to look afresh, through micro and macro landscapes, colour match what you find and create explosions of colour with brusho watercolours.  

Tickets are £2 for both adults and children. Normal admission charges apply.

Children aged 5 and above will get the most from the workshop. Dress for messy painting activity. In poor weather the outdoor element will take place in the Conservatory. 

The hour-long workshops will take place from 12th – 16th February and there will be three   workshops each day at 10.30am, 12 noon and 2pm.

Pre-booking is advisable via at

If you prefer a drop-in activity on your visit, why not pick up one of the new colour detective lanyards and set of colour paddles from Visitor Reception?

Explore the world around you through the magical lens of colour and discover how everyone sees colour in a different way. 

Available from 3rd Feb until 22nd March 2024 

Colour Detective Workshops At Wentworth Castle Gardens