Bobbin to Experience Barnsley For Their New Tailor Made Exhibition

5th April 2023

A fabulous new exhibition opened at Experience Barnsley on April 1st – Tailor Made in Barnsley.

A true celebration of the borough and its textile makers, the exhibition showcases objects and archives that bring Barnsley’s stories of weaving, sewing, and quilting to life.

The linen and sewing industries are an incredibly important part of the borough’s heritage and many people will remember seeing or working in the factories. Whether it’s a McLintock’s jacket, a Barnsley linen tea towel, or a snappy Sugden’s shirt, fabric products were known for innovation and top quality. Look out for the McLintock’s hose coat which was conserved thanks to the help of Barnsley Museums and Heritage Trust supporters. 

The fascinating, free exhibition offers an insight into the people, processes, and products of Barnsley’s rich textile industries and celebrates the skills of home ‘makers’, young and old. A unique new mural artwork also features in the exhibition, inspired by McLintock quilt patterns and created by Barnsley artist, Louise Wright. 

The exhibition is an interactive experience with lots to see, touch and hear. There’s plenty to do for young makers with a snuggle den, giant weaving loom, and lots of creative activities. Watch out for McLintock the Mouse and follow the museum and exhibition trail to see where he might be hiding.  

There will be many ways people can get involved throughout the exhibition, including free family trails, history days, workshops, and more.

The exhibition runs until Saturday September 16th.

Jon Finch, Head of Culture and Visitor Economy, said: “Experience Barnsley Museum is dedicated to telling the captivating stories of Barnsley. Created through the generosity of the people of the town, who have kindly shared objects and memories, we need to share them through displays and exhibitions, keeping our important history alive. Tailor Made is a wonderful exhibition, offering people the opportunity to reminisce about those iconic people, places, and garments that hold special places in the town’s past. The exhibition will be great fun, with lots to experience for people of all ages.”

Bobbin to Experience Barnsley For Their New Tailor Made Exhibition